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What is Angel Food?

Angel Food, created in April of 2010, is an initiative where volunteers make meals weekly for individuals and families in our community, whether they have an ill family member, a recent death or a financial hardship.  Angel Food is an extension of the Graeme Preston Foundation for Life’s mission of “Affecting lives in a Positive, Caring, and Compassionate Manner”.
Anne Preston, creator and chair of G’s LOV feels it’s not just about the food.  It’s more about making that connection a week, a month or maybe even a year after people have experienced loss, sadness or illness.  It’s about that kind smile when the recipient greets you at the door and they know that others want to help carry their pain.  Anne thought how great if G’s LOV could act as a conduit between people wanting to help and those that need it.  It is an expanding circle of giving and receiving love and positive energy for everyone involved.  "I am truly grateful to all of the families that have allowed our volunteers and me the opportunity to create something beautiful out of situations that are more times than not so devastating.  Everyone involved with Angel Food continues to inspire me."
Since April 2010, Angel Food has been delivering meals to anywhere from six to fifteen families at least once a week.  It’s awesome to think we’ve prepared over 2,000 meals! 
We use Volunteer Spot where volunteers sign up for the week they would like to cook or deliver.  Anne coordinates with the volunteers for the week and shops for the ingredients, paid for by the Graeme Preston Foundation for Life.  We coordinate packaging and delivering once the meals are complete.  It’s fun to team up with a friend and work together!  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,  or if you know someone that may be a candidate to receive our meals, please email us at

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