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Make a Donation to the Graeme Preston Foundation for Life

Thanks to your generosity, we are able to keep growing and enriching as many lives as possible.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Graeme Preston Foundation for Life is to carry and spread the grace of Graeme by identifying effective ways of befriending those whose lives could be positively impacted and enriched by receiving any type of assistance that we might be able to provide. Be it a financial commitment or even a personal commitment of time or other resources, the Foundation is committed to affecting the lives of others through specific acts of kindness and generosity. It may include scholarships to individuals who demonstrate and uphold the principles by which Graeme lived – courage, kindness, compassion and respect - as well as financial support to worthwhile charities with similar values. It also may be as simple as helping a local family who has suffered an unexpected loss or hardship. In keeping with Graeme’s spirit and eagerness to help others, our mission is to affect lives in a positive, caring and compassionate manner.

Our Values:

Whether your involvement with Graeme was for 60 minutes on the soccer pitch or for the twelve years he spent with us, there are certain traits about him that were so readily identifiable. Our values mirror those traits and how Graeme chose to live his life – with compassion, generosity, inclusion, trust, and most importantly, love!

Donations can be made payable to “The Graeme Preston Foundation for Life, Inc.” care of:

                              Lester Preston, Jr.
                                151 Broadway
                            Freehold, N.J. 07728

The Graeme Preston Foundation for Life is registered in New Jersey as a nonprofit corporation. The Graeme Preston Foundation for Life is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

"Thank you again for touching the lives of all of our children.  Most importantly thank you for making a new and better life for each one of them."

"What better way to remember the beautiful life of Graeme then to touch others.  Somehow I believe if Graeme were here with us today he would be out shopping, organizing and wrapping gifts for all of our kids."

"Open Door relies upon the generosity of the community to operate, and we are sincerely grateful for the continued support of your foundation."

"Your Foundation for Life in his memory is doing    wonderful work that is adding life to the people who most need it and we thank you for your generous partnership and support."

"Your support means so much to us, as it helps us maintain our quality educational programming for students in distress." 

"Most importantly, because of your donation, Graeme's spirit will live on in the lives of those who are helped by the work of the Alliance."


"Out of tragedy you have created a wonderful tradition of helping others who are struggling and suffering. Truly, yours is a 'Foundation for Life'."


"Again, thank you for thinking of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25, and all the best as you move forward doing great good in honor of Graeme's life.  I have no doubt that thousands have been, and will continue to be, touched by his foundation for life."

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