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Graeme's League of Volunteers

Who Are we?

Graeme's League of Volunteers (G's LOV) is a volunteer-based organization comprised of anyone and everyone willing to share their time, energy, and talents addressing the areas of need in our community.


What Are We?

G's LOV is a community of individuals and groups, with helping hands and willing hearts, brought together by the grace of Graeme. We believe the decision to volunteer impacts others' lives, as well as enriches our own. In keeping with Graeme's spirit and eagerness  to help others, we aim to provide a vehicle that connects people willing to help with those in need of assistance. Through community involvement and embracing the powers of love, positive actions, unity and kindness...You'll Never Walk Alone!

What Will We Do?

Thanks to the leadership of Anne Preston, Cathy Sivo and Karen Preston, G’s LOV has started to identify areas of need within the community, areas we can provide volunteers that can make an impact on others. If you know of areas of need where our volunteer resources would benefit the community, i.e. an organizational event needing volunteers, individuals or families experiencing a recent tragedy or hardship, or a great idea for community involvement, please let us know. We welcome all suggestions with the goal of affecting lives in a positive, caring and compassionate manner.


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