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It was often said of Graeme Preston that he seemed older and wiser than his 12 years. He realized earlier than most kids that being fair and kind to peers and loving to family is the only way to live one’s life. When he had some extra cash, his mind quickly went to how he could use it to help someone else. He regularly told his mother he loved her.

Graeme passed away on March 3, 2008, as a result of injuries sustained in an accident. In an overwhelming show of support, over 2,500 people from around the country reached out to his family to share their stories of how he impacted their lives. It was clear that he had touched the lives of everyone he encountered, be it at school, skateboarding or on the soccer pitch. An avid skateboarder, snowboarder and soccer player, he had brought laughter and joy to his parents and two older sisters. With his shaggy hair, ear-to-ear smile and positive attitude, he was magnetic and memorable.

The Graeme Preston Foundation for Life grew out of a wish to celebrate his life and start a movement built on kindness and generosity. As we grow and raise awareness for the Foundation, the outpouring of support from the community continues to astound us. Graeme left us too soon, but the lessons he taught us will not soon be forgotten.

Graeme Preston's Life and Legacy

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