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A Message From Graeme's Family

To our family and friends,

There are simply no words that could possibly express how grateful we are for the beautiful outpouring of love and support that you have shown us throughout this difficult time. You have filled our home with everything we could have possibly needed, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our hearts have been comforted by your kind words and funny stories of Graeme. Our bodies have been nourished by your dinners, baskets and baked goods. Our spirits have been uplifted by your books, mementos and photographs. Our souls have been soothed by the prayers that have come from as far away as the monasteries of South Africa. We are especially thankful for the gift of hope that you have bestowed upon us through your donations to Graeme’s foundation. We know that the days ahead will be challenging, but we are able to look to the future with both serenity and anticipation of the charitable work we can accomplish in Graeme’s memory. What greater gift could there be? So thank you, for whatever part you took in soothing our souls, mending our hearts and giving us hope.

With deep love and appreciation,
The Family of Graeme Preston

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